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Policy of personal information

Before applying, please review and agree to the following, “handling of personal information”.

Handling of personal information

<Condition of the Audition>

  • •We collect, handle and keep your personal information appropriately based on our privacy policy.
  • •Please be advised that recordings of the audition process might be used on media such as TV, magazine, website, etc that relates to this audition.
  • •Please be advised that we might send out Avex related information to the applicants of this audition.
  • •We are responsible for the permanent destruction of the personal information that has been used for the above in a timely manner.
  • •The applicants must be in compliance with all laws in their own country
  • •The personal information received through this web entry can be shared
      within Avex group for use in any other audition, new artist discovery or artistdevelopment
  • •Avex privacy policy is available on our website http://www.avex.co.jp/e_site/index.html then click “privacy policy of personal information

<Audition Terms and Rules>

  • •We will contact you by email. Please make sure your mail program accepts the domain, avexstarsearch.com, to insure our email is received by you.
  • •If you apply for the audition as a band or a group, please include all of the member’s info on one entry sheet.
  • •You can upload up to 2 songs per entry when you submit your entry on the website.
  • •When you submit your entry on the website, uploads are limited to a maximum length of 5 minutes per song.
  • •If you apply by post mail, the documents and demo recordings you send us won’t be returned.
  • •We will contact you only if you pass the first screening.
  • •We cannot release any information about audition status, process or/and result.
  • •If you recommend an artist, you must have an agreement from the artist.
  • •Transportation expense to the prejudging and the final are the participant’s responsibility.